TTBB and Piano or String Quartet; (also available SATB and Piano or String Quartet); Text by Christopher Smart; Duration 3 minutes


Christopher Smart (1722-1771), also known as “Kit Smart” or “Jack Smart,”  was born in Kent, England and suffered from what is believed to be acute asthma and other health issues as a child. As such, he did not work in the fields, but spent much time reading and writing – a passion that he nurtured for a lifetime. Though he was well-known in literary circles of London, his career as a writer floundered because of mounting debt.  At that time in history, one was put in debtor’s prison or an asylum if one could not pay debts.  This was the fate of Smart. During his confinement, he worked on two of his most famous works – Jubilate Agno and A Song of David.  His writing style – which at times, bordered on the absurd, lead to frequent misperceptions of his work and his lucidity.


Commissioned by Homer Hanna High School Varsity Men (Texas).

Publisher – SATB version Carl Fischer CM9735

Publisher – TTBB version Carl Fischer CM 9348