Song to the Moon

SSAA/Flute/Oboe/Piano  (also available for  SATB/Flute/Oboe/Piano); text by Jaroslav Kvapil; U.S. Publisher – Walton Music 1452; Duration 5.5 minutes.

This classic story was written by the poet, Jaroslav Kvapil, where a magical figure who lives in water has extraordinary powers, including immortality.  This water nymph falls in love with a prince, who frequently comes to the lake to drink and hunt.  The water nymph, willing to give up immortality for love, asks the moon (“la luna”) to find the prince, tell him to return, and tell him that the nymph loves him.

Written for the Cantabile Women’s Chorus, Ontario

SSATB/Piano/Cello – Walton Music #1430