Pasture, The

SATB/piano (or SATB/orch) BASIC LIBRARY, J.W. Pepper; U.S. Publisher: Colla Voce Music (#1102); Robert Lee Frost, poet; Duration 5 minutes.

I grew up on a ranch in New Mexico, and the quiet, gentle power and love of nature was something I experienced on a daily basis. One learns to “listen” to the sound of the breeze, birds in the distance, and every part of the wonder of creation. This is a work about a relationships – that no matter how small or large a task, it is more meaningful when the two people share it together.

I dedicated this work to my daughter, Aubrey.

I’m going out to clean the pasture spring
[I shan’t be long]
I’ll only stop to rake the leaves away
[I shan’t be long]
And wait to watch the water clear, I may
I shan’t be gone long
You come too

I’m going out to fetch the little calf
That’s standing by the mother
It’s so young
It totters when she licks it with her tongue
I shan’t be gone long
You come too


Orchestral parts available from the publisher.