Omnia Sol (SSA)

SSA/Piano (also SATB/Piano, SSAB/Piano, TBB/Piano); Optional brass quartet acc.); BASIC LIBRARY, J.W. Pepper; Text – from Carmina Burana; U.S. Publisher – Heritage Music Press; Duration 4 minutes

OMNIA SOL is a musical reflection on the constant passage of events and people who have been pillars along life’s way. “Omnia Sol” or “everywhere light” [sun] depicts this interaction and daily investing  of ourselves in every soul we encounter.  Though we mature and “move on,”  part of us is ‘staid’ in the hearts and minds of those we chance to meet.

The text is macaronic (or the mixing of two or more languages) – in this case, English and Latin.

1) SATB/Piano Heritage 15/2134H
2) SSA/Piano Heritage 15/2135H
3) SSAB/Piano Heritage 15/3740H
4) TBB/Piano Heritage 15/3361H
Optional brass/perc.