Iron Rain

SSAA/Piano 4-hands (4’20”). Finished April 2022 at Randall’s studio on Merritt Island, Florida.

Text by Sam Illingworth (Edinburgh Napier University) Professor of Physics and Astronomy

In 2013, an extreme exoplanet of the constellation Pisces was discovered.  It is a planet with day temperatures of 4,350 degrees Fahrenheit – hot enough to melt iron literally into vapor, and split molecules into atoms.  In the night, the iron vapor cools and it rains iron.  Hence the title of the work, Iron Rain.

Randall set this for SSAA and piano 4-hands.  It is written for a more advanced ensemble and sturdy pianists.  If one wants an all-state type of show piece, with a text (and music) where the “ink is still wet,” this may very well meet that need.

…. the faint twinkling of distant

stars expose giant globes of

gaseous ferocity;

their inferred magnitude

drifting too close to their sun,

falling like Icarus into

a labyrinth of tidal force.

As the searing heat

scorches the barren sky,

estranged metals disperse into

the turbulent atmosphere,

carried by Khamsin to

the cool, crisp nights,

where they tumble

to the surface

as a cooling balm of

ferrous mist.

Lost in time,

like rust in rain.


RECORDING:  Temporary computer-generated recording attached; The New American Voices recording the work in a few months.