In Paradisum

SATB unaccompanied (also available in TTBB unaccompanied or SSAA/piano)

During this covid-19 pandemic – like millions of others – I felt helpless, full of unanswered questions, and most of all – profoundly sad for the thousands of families who lost a loved one – a mother, a father, a child, a grandparent, a friend, or someone else in their family circle.  One morning, I sat down and wrote this work as a gift to honor those who lost their lives in this pandemic.  It is the smallest of contributions, but perhaps a comfort to those left behind.

This recording was made by The New American Voices, a professional choral ensemble under Randall’s direction.  The E-Music score is a free download, and directors can feel free to make as many copies as is needed for their ensembles – again, at no charge for the scores.

Downloads:  SATB – click below; SSAA – click here; TTBB – please email Grant at and he will send you a copy.

Click below for a free PDF download of SATB, SSAA/piano, or TTBB version.