Glastonbury Thorn

SATB/Sopr. solo/Piano   Walton Music WW1975

Glastonbury (pronounced “glah-stuhn-bree”) is a town in southwest England known for its natural beauty, ancient sites, myths, and King Arthur legends.  It overlooks the marshes of the Somerset Levels.  Glastonbury and surrounding areas are a pilgrimage for New Age enthusiasts, those with strong religious faith, persons fascinated by legends and “holy grails,” and those who simply love Somerset and the peaceful sanctuary of fauna and flora.

There is a thorn bush (“Glastonbury Thorn”)  located in the town which blooms twice a year, and has very special religious significance.  Flowers from the thorn have been presented to English kings and queens during the Advent season for centuries.


O’er the brooks and marshy levels of Glastonbury, Standing in tall wind-swept moor grass and bluish meadows rue, An Eastern Thorn with flowers bright and brilliant as the dawn, With rose berries on the new fallen snow.

The deep hay meadow’d roots of the Glastonbury Thorn Remind one of abiding faith in the harshest of storms. The thorn leaves of the Ley Line give Refuge and shade,                                                                                                                      ……

Celebrate the Holy Grail of birth, love and life. Weio, weir, tibi gloria! Weio, weio, alleweio!


RECORDING:   The New American Voices.