Carmina Pax

Carmina Pax (Songs of Peace)


30-minute choral/orchestral work in seven movements, each encountering a different aspect of conflict and peace.

Commissioned and premiered by the Arlington Master Chorale, Arlington, TX; with additional funding by Doug and Nickie Burns.

Professional recording available on Spotify.

“Peace” can narrowly be seen as an an absence of war between individuals, groups or nations. But more broadly, it can mean absence of famine, class conflict, disease, terror, desire to expunge a religion, depression, among others.  This work is meant to create a “dialogue” between the performers and the audience to not lose hope, and to begin seeking more humane solutions  and understandings to conflict.  Music is a great unifier – we must first find peace in our own minds and hearts, in order to find common ground and peace with those around us.

Note: All scores are hard copy, and no e-music on this work.

Preface to work:  click here

COMPLETE RECORDING ON SPOTIFY – conducted by Randall during late spring 2019.

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