Amor de Mi Alma (solo version)

(You are the lover of my soul)

High voice and piano

Z. Randall Stroope, composer (and pianist on the recording); Grant Harper, tenor

Garcilaso de la Vega (1503-1536) wrote Soneto V (Amor de mi alma) – a vivid example of a Renaissance individual, skilled in music, arms, letters and the battles of love.  Garcilaso’s poetic output is not large – only 38 sonnets and a few songs and odes – but the high quality places him among the finest of Spanish Renaissance poets.  Born into an aristocratic family, Garcilaso mastered five languages, and was on the imperial guard of Charles.  He died in military combat at the age of 33.

Z. Randall Stroope wrote a choral setting of this work (SATB/unaccompanied or piano) – available from Walton Music. However, this solo version is only available through

Solo version:      $12.95 (which incl. 2 scores [singer/pianist] & shipping).  Will be sent via post within 5 days of order.