SPECTRA (Nature’s Eternal Sunrise)

SATB/orchestra or SATB/wind ensemble (band); John Muir (naturalist), text; 4’35”

Premiered 2019

“Fountains of life! Eternal sunrise! Radiant white beams of light,
And prisms on the crystal rocks. Mountains and prairies,
The meadows and valleys, Flush of alpenglow, All nature rejoices!
Snow is melting is music, singing stream bankfull of melodies
rising with rhythm of glorious song.”

Orchestra: Picc/2 Fl/2 Ob/2 Kl/B. Kl/ 2 Bsn/4 Hn/3 Bb Tpt/2 Tbn/B.Tbn/Tuba Strings/Timp/Perc (cr. cym, bass drum, trgl, marimba, sus cym, snare drum, tam-tam)

Wind Ensemble: Picc/2 Fl/2 Ob/2 Kl. in Bb/Eb Kl/B Kl/2 Bsn/Sop Sax/Alto Sax/,   Ten Sax/ BariSax/4 Hn/3 Bb Tpt/2 Tbn/B Tbn/Euph/Tuba/Timp/Perc/Mallets (percussion listed under “orchestra” above)

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